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Meet Me

Linda C. Nelson, CFP®, RLP®

When I started working in the industry more than 30 years ago, my objective was to be of service to people and to help them live a better life. After being an investment adviser at E.F. Hutton & Co., I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. I started my own firm, Freya Financial Services, in 1998. Completing my vision, I also become a Registered Life Planner® to further develop my holistic approach.

I am a Registered Investment Advisor with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. My practice is built on integrity and values, and a good dose of humor. I adhere to the fiduciary standards, and as such I put your best interest before my own.

Financial life planning is about looking at the whole picture. Investing is just one piece, although an important one. In our work together, I connect your hopes and dreams with your financial picture and together we address obstacles. It is about bringing together all the pieces, including discussions around cash flow, net worth, insurance, retirement, education, taxes, estate planning, and other special topics such as buying a home or refinancing. I am available to hear your concerns and accomplishments, and willing to help.


I enjoy golf, dancing, travel, cooking, and laughter (not necessarily in that order). I adore my 2 sons, James and Stephen. They are accomplished, fun to be with, and making lives for themselves in Hawaii and Washington, DC. We meet a couple of times a year at our place in Virginia near the Chesapeake Bay.

Accomplishments & “Featured In”

Past accomplishments include having been President of the Financial Planning Association™ of Massachusetts in 2006 and Chairperson in 2007. At FPA National level, I served as the Chair of the Chapter Leadership Resource Council, Chair of the Heart of Financial Planning Award Task Force, and served on the FPA™ National Membership Advisory Group. I volunteered on the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Board of Standards’ Board of Appeals. I taught Personal Financial Planning as an Adjunct Professor at Suffolk University. I was a speaker at WBZ’s Money Conference in March, 2005. I have appeared as a financial expert in the Boston Herald and have been quoted in Bloomberg Wealth Manager Magazine, The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Better Homes and Gardens.com, Ladies Home Journal.com., and Eons.com. Other activities include appearing as a guest on Boston Fox News (Boston 25 News) and being a guest on the radio (channels WBIZ and WPEP).